This a short interview in an episode of The Urbanist, a podcast by Monocle. It covers lots of interesting stuff after my bit!

Refurbishment and demolition of social housing in London

One of a series of micro films produced by the UCL Engineering Exchange on refurbishment and demolition of social housing in the UK.

Back in the day: modes of shelter in the Caribbean 400-1400 AD

Pecha Kucha presentation with Alice Samson at the UK Shelter Forum.

Urbanism in humanitarian settings

Short presentation at the Geneva Shelter Forum in October 2014.

Presentation of the (re)constructing the city project led by Alison Killing at the RIBA in July 2013.

Transitional Shelter in Japan

This is part of a longer presentation at the Institution of Structural Engineers that reported on a field visit to Japan after the Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsnuami. My work was funded by EPSRC.

This is the video captured version if you want to see the accompanying slides.